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we are happy to create a unique sculpture or modify our 

existing sculpture to fit your needs. please                        if you 

have a vision you would like us to create for your home or office

House of the rising sun

This wall hanging is 48 by 48 inches. The center is about 18" in diameter. It is suspended with quarter inch round brass bars and the sculpture is silver soldered together. We can custom size this piece to your needs. Beautiful hung in front of a window as well as on your wall. Glad to build a custom size for your space. 

recirculating copper fish

This is our same 36 inch long fish mounted on an 18 by 24 inch copper tank with stainless screen top and hidden pump inside. Water goes round and round. Comes with tank and pump. Dimensions for fish are 24L x 18T, tank is 36L x 18W x 6"T.

LIly Fountain

This fountain stands approximately two feet tall and comes complete with pump. Long copper leaves curve upward from the base. Beautiful. 

Mystic          Myster








4 foot long by 3 foot tall all copper frog is our piece de resistance. This one is positioned by a spring fed pool on DuPont Estate in Delaware. Comes with vertigried lily pads & copper cat tails and stainless pump. Allow 3 to 4 months for delivery.

Large Copper Fish

This piece of work is available as a stand alone sculpture. It has been used on the edge of swimming pools or water gardens. It has been mounted on the top of a dock piling. Water sprays out of a tube in the mouth from 2-30 feet. Adjustable. 36 inches long.

cat tails 

These Cat Tails are 50 inches at their tallest point and the stems are built with thick wall tubing. There are four holes in the top of each Cat Tail allowing you to pinpoint water to beds or trees. Perfect design for long narrow spaces Streams of water reach out from 2-40 feet.