all water sculpture are handmade using thick wall pure copper tubing and revolvE on A brasS bearing that we make.  we use high grade/temperature silver to solder our work. we hand make the steel tripod base from 3/16" flat bar.  depending on how high your faucet is set the medium sprinkler will cover an 6 to 30 foot circle. these mysters can  also be used as fountains in your water feature. these copper water sprinklers stand 34" tall with a 12" diameter  hoop. Mysters come with heavy steel tripod base and 22" copper stem that screws into base. FLOWER DESIGN COMES WITH POWDER COATED HEAVY ZINC BASE.


A perfect choice for a water sprinkler that will be placed at a distance. The broad copper band makes this Myster highly visible.


A new design, very popular. The Sun and the Moon with a gold tone solid cast iron star. A beautiful design.


This tri-hooped design has a unique water pattern because there are holes in all three hoops. The coverage can approach a large Myster when faucet is turned up slightly.


This piece of water sculpture appears to be slowly augering its way into the sky.

A joy to watch.


This copper water sprinkler creates a fascinating illusion. As it turns the two inner hoops appear to see-saw, then suddenly reverse rotation.




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Mystic          Myster